iCloud Drive is one kind of cloud-based storage service where we can sync our files, documents across our IOS devices. Macs devices and windows PCs except for Android phones.iCloud program used to access particular Apple devices are called iCloud Drive.

It almost works as DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft one drive, simple data syncing iCloud used for data storage and backup. After syncing the iCloud drive phone you can use it for data sharing, documents store, and accessing any file by any Apple device. You can store any big file or send the big file by using Apple I Cloud email address, it also backup huge data on your iOS devices if you lost your phone or Apple devices _ iCloud allows you to track devices present position and can lock this device remotely, wipe your data or move it to anywhere It’s very easy to set up iCloud to any iOS devices or iPhone or iPad.

You don’t need to download any additional apps, just by being signed into your iCloud account then use the iCloud drive iPhone or on any Apple Devices. 

What is the difference between iCloud and iCloud drive?

I one sentence,iCloud is the brand name for Apple’s services such as calendar sync, email contact, remote management system and remote document stored/delete, and device track system.

iCloud Drive is simply one of the particular services provided by the iCloud service so that you will sync documents you store and edit files regardless of the among the Apple device you happen to be using. You need more clarification please read the actual features of iCloud vs iCloud drive

iCloudiCloud drive
Online stored service but not file-sharing services like Onedrive or dropbox.The iCloud Drive is part of iCloud, what you saved in the I Cloud drive will save in iCloud.
Back up your device and sync limited types of data with other Apple devices.iCloud Drive focuses more on sharing between devices and interacting working between Apple devices.
Its online storage for Apple is iCloud.But iCloud Drive is an optional particular iCloud support service. 
It’s possible to find out your phone location by using iCloud.It’s not possible to find the device’s location by using an iCloud drive.
iCloud is a broad collection of services, including backup, email, and cloud storage,iTunes.iCloud Drive is a filesystem available for user files and folders. If an application uses iCloud for storage, files saved by that application are found in a folder in the user’s iCloud Drive

How much is iCloud Storage?

When you sign the first time you will get a 5GB iCloud drive of space for free. If you think you need more space or more data security you can purchase premium packages. So that you can remotely access your phone and store more phone data will archive iCloud drive.

Apple offers first singing 5GB free but when you need more storage you need to purchase a new plan.

Here has four storage options: 

Plan 1: 5GB (free); 

Plan 2: 50GB (99 cents/month); 

Plan 3: 200GB ($2.99/month); 

Plan 4: 2TB ($9.99/month);

How to set up iCloud Drive?

Firstly you need any Apple devices and need to sign in Apple ID then go to setting options and turn on iCloud Drive iPhone or from any Apple devices you want to use access or share files.

Set up iCloud Drive on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

One thing is important here if you have two Apple IDs for signing Apple iTunes and the App Store, you can’t sign it at the same time. Just remember you can create a user ID a maximum of three times an Apple device.

  1. Firstly, open the Settings on your Apple Phone
    1. iOS 10.3 and up: Tap on Apple ID
    2. iOS 10.2 and lower: Tap on iCloud
  2. Then sign in with existing Apple ID neither create a new Apple ID
  3. Toggle on the Mail option
  4. Turn On the iCloud Drive button and make it green
  5. Download iCloud drive the file app from the app store and view the drive, file, new folder, and other options.

Set up iCloud Drive on your MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro

  1. → System Preferences
  2. Click on iCloud
  3. Then click for sign in with your new Apple ID
  4. Tick the Mail option
  5. Click the iCloud Drive in the sidebar 

Set up iCloud Drive on your Windows PC

  1. Download iCloud drive apps from apple store Windows on your PC then install it
  2. Restart your computer for apps setting
  3. You need to Make sure iCloud for Windows is open. …
  4. Enter your existing  Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
  5. Choose any features and content which you want to keep in iCloud.
  6. In last just click apply options

Final words

Main things that iCloud can provide to iOS users that Outlook can not do so find My iPhone, Wallet, Safari Data. Of course, iCloud is Apple storage but not file sharing service.iCloud is like a copy of what is on your phone. If you need extra storage so you should subscription premium iCloud packages which way you can get more facilities like iCloud drive archive, Phone tracking, data storage, remotely controlled system. When you delete any photo from your phone, in this way it will be deleted from iCloud.The same goes when Apple users delete directly from the iCloud via the website. If you delete it from your phone it would still be available on the Drive and you could download it back onto your device at a later time. If you delete it from your drive first, it would still be on your phone.