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What is Speed Optimization?

Speed Optimization is the most important part of a website ranking factor. Speed Optimization measures how fast your content loads on click. Speed optimization logically impacts any website’s Search Engine Optimization and bounce rate. Bounce rate calculated a single page loading time divided by all pages load speed. Maximum people confuse “page speed Optimization”and “website speed Optimization” page speed means ‘a single page loading time’ and website or site speed means all pages full content loading time.

Why Does Website Speed matters?

Google always follows its rules and regulations, site speed carries on a signal which uses the google algorithm to rank pages. When a slow-speed  website on google basically has a negative effect on this site indexing. 

  • Website speed affects Google ranking-If any website page showing lower speed of mobile version and desktop version google crawl not included in search result.
  • Slow website speed kills conversation rate- If your website page is slow targeted visitors will not click to another page and also demotivate to stay a long time in a page.
  • Speed 1st impression a website forever- Maximum visitor do a fast tour but if its slower how would it be possible?
  • User better experience- User experience counts most effective google ranking factors if targeted consumer user experience is bad its effect on search engine ranking.
  • Speed long-term effect any website- Before optimised speed you should determine current position score.If its below 60 then optimised for both mobile and desktop neither Google crewel count its bad user experience.

What factors make your website speed slower?

Speed’ is the major factor on Google Ranking, Hold Visitors, Indexsion, Conversation Rate, Impression, User Experience and many more fields. Every website owner must importance their website speed when they start building their website. There are many reasons a website speed slower, it’s shown below-

  • Commonly hosting providers(such as shared hosting makes a site slower)
  • Overhead Database
  • Complicated theme or design
  • Unoptimized images
  • File size minifications(larger than 150 bytes)
  • Huge plugins installation
  • Havey widget usages
  • Unnecessary CSS and JavaScript 
  • Redirection link
  •  Not using Content Delivery Network(CDN)

How to check website page speed?

If you are a website Owner or Designer/Developer/SEO Expert have to check website speed anytime. There are many ways or tools to check a website’s speed freely. We suggest you check your website’s trustable tools, you can try it with Google tools PageSpeed Insights. It is the best tool, you can see  GTmetrix, Pingdom and more. Let go we can check a website with pageSpeed Insights –

  • Go to your browser (like Google, Opera, Bing, Edge, etc) write search bar- PageSpeed Insights or
  • click this link-https://pagespeed.web.dev/
  • Open PageSpeed Insights then your website link paste it Analyze box and click Analyze.
  • Wait a few seconds Google shows you the results in your website Speed mobile and desktop view.

Here you can see your website speed and which section you need to improve. You can 100 % improve your site, its speed is really enjoyable for your visitors.

How can Speed up a website with PageSpeed Insights?

 PageSpeed Insights show which problem your website loading speed impact, now you can see it like-

Google calculates 4 main reasons a site faster or slower its show adult relevant to the all-section in PageSpeed Insights-

  • FCP-(First Contentful Paint) refers to which pages or images load fast on your site, there are any issues with google it’s count. Cause of showing this error
  1. Reduce unused CSS
  2. Reduce initial server response time
  3. Eliminate render-blocking resources 
  4. External CSS instead of Inline CSS

It makes your site slower. Keep your site load better, make sure to fix errors.

  • LCP-(Large Contentful Paint) refers to how many times it takes to load a large contentful page, its loading time more google shows errors this issues-
  1. Reduce unused CSS
  2. Reduce unused Javascript
  3. Reduce initial server response

 must be fixed in this section and it’s better to work less than 2.5 sec.

  • TBT-(Total Blocking Time) refers first to total page loading time, I mean a visitor clicking your site-specific link or page its loading duration time count google that 50MS is a longer task. TBT measured between First Contentful Paint(FCP) and Time to Interactive(TTI) shows errors at this point-
  1. Reduce the impact the 3rd party code
  2. Avoid edition DOM size
  3. Reduce JavaScript execution time
  4. Minimize main threat work

your fixed speedup is better.

  • CLS-(Cumulative Layout Shift) refers to layout shift during an entire page. Cause of showing this error-
  1. Large image layout

 Pagespeed Insights calculates this CLS score using this equation-

Layout shift score= impact fraction(impact viewport area between two frames)* distance fraction(unstable any element has moved the frame divided by the viewport largest dimension). Good CLS score less than 0.1.

You can fix these 4 sections but most commonly show errors in the LCP section. Your site must be better than any other website’s speed.

It goes without saying that a good server is lifetime support for your website Speed. You must need a good hosting server for your site.

You can use CDN(Content Delivery Network) to deliver content quickly to any user in the world. It’s a geographical group server provider that stores any website images, text, video or pages on it and delivers content to any user’s physical location.

Now you know because your site speed is slower you can fix it manually which gives your site 100% super speed. Why are you waiting, let’s go-

  • Open your browser and open your website link
  • Go to customize and control google chrome(if you use any browser same this)
  • Click More tools then click Developer tools
  • Click side 3 dots then coverage
  • Open in a new box below and reload this button
  • Show your website error section red color
  • Double click or select which file you want to remove 
  • Showing red marking color unused option 
  • Copy the green marking color text
  • Paste it note pad or notepad** 
  • Go to your website cPanel and file location
  • Where showing problem download this code and edit this 
  • Paste notepad coping code then click Save

This work you can do automatically using WP-rocket pro plugin that your side Speed Superfast.

Using of WP-rocket plugin in your WordPress website-

  • Search wp-rocket. me in google -open this site
  • Click pricing and buy a plan
  • Go to WordPress dashboard-Appearance-plugin-upload plugin-activate
  • Go to wp-rocket setting
  • Click file optimization-remove unused CSS
  • Click all file optimization-optimize CSS delivery

As a website owner, you must give your audience a better speed experience when visiting your site. Unless you give this you lose your website traffic and your revenue so it is the most important part of your website to keep up to fast speed. 

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