Your debit card is kept in your pocket carefully but you can’t imagine how cheaters withdraw money by using your debit card and flee away by making an exact copy of it. This type of news is very common today, sometimes withdrawing money without your permission. In the internet banking aspect, people want transactions from home also healers are using this opportunity. We almost use direct cash for daily shopping and any payment but we don’t know how carefully use our credit card, debit card or ATM card don’t mess up with each other.

You always need to be extra careful of use because a single accident is enough to make you more sufferer. We always love to finish more transactions on the internet but no idea how healers fraudsters are spreading the trap to knowing ordinary targeted people’s card PIN numbers and information. It is not only a matter of authority or Government your extra carefulness may avoid such accidents.

How to possible ATM card fraud!

Sometimes hackers put duplicate card readers’’ in ATM card machines.They try to record all transaction pin numbers and also card private information for use next time to make similar cards.

  • It can also happen to a POS swipe machine when you are paying for shopping.
  • Fake pin pad would be used as a duplicate card reader.
  • It’s very easy to see your pin number by using the pin number in your phone.
  • Customer information and private numbers are manipulated by creating fake bank websites which look exactly like real websites.
  • Sometimes by emailing they try to know your pin number and also they can call you by the name of the bank.

So keep i mind when you got card from bank

  • When you get a card sign in both the back and front side.
  • Add phone number and email for getting alert of any transactions 
  • Always trying to withdraw money from your known bank branch without any urgent need.
  • If you think ATM machines are not completely secure then avoid withdrawing money from this ATM booth.
  • Be careful if anyone follows you when you withdraw money from the booth.
  • When you type your ATM card PIN number try to cover it with others hand because it would be safe from besides person also spy camera.
  • Change your ATM card PIN number occasionally if you doubt anyone also change it immediately no need to ensure from them.
  • Regularly check your bank account statement and if there are any transactions that you have not done immediately inform the bank authority.
  • Use a helpline if your bank card is lost or stolen.

Some extra care can assist you safe from healers and fraudsters. Follow these instructions for more secured debit cards, ATM cards, or credit cards.

  • Don’t share PIN with a known unknown person
  • Set your own transaction limit in a debit card to assist you as extra care.
  • You should know your real bank website icon bar and process because sometimes hackers can build almost the same website.
  • Kindly clean your computer regularly through antivirus and antimalware.
  • Only send money through a security marked sign because it indicates a security example HTTPS[here S means Security] don’t send money to any HTTP website.
  • Always try to memorize your PIN number if written down, try to make it encode.
  • Don’t take help from strangers for any type of problem, If the problem is completed try to connect with a bank helpline.
  • Try to avoid sending money from cyber cafes or other computers.
  • Don’t open SPAM mail from your own device where you may transaction money.
  • Don’t share any big or small transaction name or other information in social media.

When you lost your ATM card follow this information

  • Inform the bank account immediately for’’hot listed’’ your ATM card.
  • It’s better to keep GD or FIR from any POLICE Fari so that none of the militant or banned organizations can use it.
  • If you get any transaction message or someone trying to change their PIN number go to the bank and inform them immediately.

If it’s a credit card or your account has enough money you just need to follow the above instructions neither big possibility to face the complicated problem.

How much you may get back if you lose money?

Yes, there are more chances if you inform the bank immediately either they will not consider your report. In case of fraud with any electrical transaction, inform the within three business days the bank. If your report is accurately submitted to the bank they are bound to solve it within 90 days. In that case, the bank will be obliged to inform you of every detail of the update.