How we collect our information?

DimPim all information collected and recorded by DimPim and its team. Every misuse of any information is not responsible DimPim or its team. This privacy policy is only applicable to our organic customers who connected and regularly take our services.


We always care about the authenticity of publication, data collection purity, and customer demand. So none of our data or picture will lead you the wrong way if you use your sixth sense. DimPim mainly focuses on organic visitors worldwide. DimPIm is maintained and developed by WigMarketing where you will get every digital marketing service like Website Design, Web Development, Apps design, Search Engine Optimization.

Advertisement Privacy Policy

Third-party can ad service, technology, video or any promoting event through DimPim website it’s completely related with revenue of DimPim. some of the aspects we advertising third party products and affiliate links or display advertising for promoting particular products. We are always conscious about DimPim content and other data so that any of our activity not impact ethics.