Nutrition and benefits of potatoes

We almost all like to eat potatoes. Potatoes have many nutrients. Today we will learn about the nutritional value of potatoes from a nutritionist.

Umme Salma Tamanna, a nutritionist at Medinova Medical, talks about the nutritional value of potatoes in an episode of NTV’s regular health program Health Everyday.

Nutritionist Umme Salma Tamanna said potatoes are a carbohydrate-like food. That’s why there are many people who want to lose weight, they may or may not avoid potatoes for many reasons. But if you remove the nutritional value of potatoes from the food list, then you are deprived of that nutrient.

Umm Salma Tamanna said that potatoes contain a lot of sugar as well as fiber. It helps us digest, cleanses the digestive tract and helps prevent constipation. Potatoes contain vitamin B6, which helps keep our brain active. If we ever put potatoes on the food list with vegetables, it will be seen that it will fill our vitamin B deficiency. Potatoes contain vitamin B6 as well as omega three. If you include potatoes in your daily diet, it will help secrete the hormone dopamine.

Nutritionist Umme Salma Tamanna adds that potatoes contain vitamin C, which will boost your immune system and also play a role in cancer prevention. Potatoes contain vitamin A. Vitamin A helps us to prevent night blindness and also helps to improve eyesight. I said at the beginning that potatoes have fiber, this fiber has another benefit. That is, if for some reason you want to control blood sugar, you can eat potatoes in moderation instead of rice. When the amount of carbohydrates is in your balance, diabetes will also be under control.

The nutritionist added that potatoes contain zinc and phosphorus. We all know that potato helps to remove the burn marks or scars on our skin.

Nutritionist Umme Salma Tamanna said it also has some side effects. If we consume excessive amounts of potatoes, we will gain weight. If you normally take potatoes as meat, fish curry or fried, then you will not suffer so much; If you don’t eat French fries, potato chips or fried or fried foods with potatoes, it will do more harm to our body.

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