Complete overview of Linkedin

Linkedin was established in 2003, On 5 May by Co founder Reid Hoffman’s – Linkedin mainly focuses on professional people, branding, careers, and increasing awareness. Here people share different career opportunities, experiences of job life, career tips, and create awareness for a new generation. 

So in a one-sentence for the job and careers, Linkedin is a fantastic platform. You should be clear about your career. Here Linkedin can help you find out huge job opportunities. On Linkedin, a huge number of professional people offer jobs, new ideas, seminars, and various knowledge-increasing advice. Here have a chance to connect with Giant companies CEO, CFO, Managing Director, and each position of corporate or higher-level government sectors people.

Best Five techniques for job seekers in LinkedIn

  • Create SEO profile
  • Add resume/CV to your profile
  • Join skill increasing test
  • Join job groups/pages
  • Turn on Job Alert
  • Share content for increasing connection
  • Ad ProFinder badge

Use of linked-ins in getting jobs.

Currently, Linkedin is a much-talked-about platform where We create links between both job seekers and companies. Companies do not have access to foreign jobs or foreign jobs. Because the company lives here as professionals live.

Many people in Bangladesh use this platform and also get jobs at home and abroad. I know many who have got jobs through linked-ins which are also employed with a reputation. That doesn’t mean you’ll lose your job if you use Linked-In. Don’t even say you won’t get a job. Basically getting a job or not will depend on your behavior which is very important.

In other countries of the world, linked-ins are used for jobs, businesses, career guidelines, training, business promotions, personal branding. It will be up to you to decide what purpose you will focus on linked-in.

Best five Linkedin Marketing Strategy

  • Use premium version
  • Post regularly
  • Use hashtags for a post
  • Don’t use a personal profile for branding
  • Create Linkedin Page for branding
  • Do SEO for your Linkedin Profile
  • Focus on a particular area and follow specific professional people
  • Focus Keyword-based profile 
  • Add ‘’follow’’ button on your page
  • Join Linkedin Groups
  • Create branding LinkedIn Group
  • Share advise for assisting job seekers 

Search engine Ranking factors

Negative uses of Linkedin

Many companies in our country use linked-ins. The company’s top here ranges from official to junior. Many people open here i.e. post to reach personal branding while others see everything. But here’s a lot of misuses that don’t go down well for them. Such as

  • – Many people post something that he doesn’t deserve.
  • – Many people post self-lifted and others make good bad comments in that post.
  • – And many people give importance to things that are controversial.
  • – Those who post for jobs are also misused.
  • – Many are seen doing different searches that have good and bad.
  • – Many people are again seen sharing knowledge about a business. I mean, he doesn’t neglect to humiliate or know the person who started the business.
  • – There are many who want to know him about the loss of business. Doing so will not lose you in that way, etc.
  • – There are many other things you do that have an adverse effect on you.

A few days ago, I saw that a company would shut down one of its business units. When this focus is on all online-offline media in Bangladesh, a gentleman gave a screenshot tagging the company’s MD and offering to develop the business if he was appointed to the top position. 

Click here to see professional Linkedin profile

Not only that, he will also ensure thousands of jobs as his business improves. This gentleman would not have posted these posts on a platform like Linked-in if he had the lowest knowledge on his head. Because if he had that kind of capacity, he would start the business himself, or else he would have bought the company and developed it himself. But he can’t do what the seniors of us have seen understand.

If you want to read the complete guidelines of Linkedin click here.

Final Words

However, it is undeniable that the way linked-ins are used in other countries of the world is not in our country. For example, the concept I’m developing for job seekers shows it. Which is getting worse for them. You will notice that linked-in profile links are taken to those who want to register job seekers. Then we reply by looking at his profile if he is positive. Otherwise, he was dropped because he said.

If you use linked-in properly for a job, you must be accessed. Because we give access to our job portal for the jobs of followers who are the best.