The sad song of Afghans does not end. This plateau is wounded by war, civil war and aggression of foreign powers. As his rough mountains and dry weather, so is his destiny. Just as the desert absorbs a single drop of rain in an instant, so who has absorbed all the joy and merriment from the life of the Afghans. Their freedom, individuality, culture is repeatedly destroyed. Natural resources are lost. The invading forces repeatedly attacked. At the end of the long war, the invading forces were also removed. The new government comes, but the head is not raised. Before tidying up the house, another disaster struck.

The term “humanitarian catastrophe” that has been used so many times over the last two decades has never ended. A catastrophic earthquake on Wednesday morning seemed to intensify the disaster. The quake killed at least 1,000 people in the eastern provinces of Paktika and southeastern Khost. We received reports from foreign news agencies that huge numbers of people were trapped under the rubble for several days after the quake. This is a poor hilly area. The houses are also weak. Earthquake shock is not the same as endurance. As a result, hundreds of houses collapsed due to the earthquake. Many villages have been completely destroyed.

One quake triggered another quake, shaking the area several times in a row. It has brought more disasters — continuous heavy rains, snowfall, hailstorms, landslides, and floods. One blow after another on the floor. There was no way to rescue the people trapped under the rubble. What an indescribable situation has been created there, how much of it is reflected in the international media or social media?

In the Corona situation, the end of the long war in Afghanistan became the focus of discussion around the world. The defeat of the armed group, the Taliban, led to the embarrassing return of the superpower America and its allies. In a change of power, the Taliban took over the masnad of Kabul. Whose Afghanistan is going to be a trade market, who is going to take advantage of its natural resources China or Russia? How much influence is Turkey or Qatar going to have on the Taliban government? How is India, which failed to return from Afghanistan, regaining control? How is Pakistan’s victory in the Taliban’s occupation of Kabul changing geopolitics?