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Free SEO Audit Tools For Website

Website SEO audit is the process that is followed to analyze the current performance of your website. Here is one of the main parts you have to take to begin the process of preparation for mediation SEO audit tools show you accurate guidelines for detecting website errors and solutions suggestions.

There are many free SEO audit tools for websites that you can use easily.  Today we will talk about some of these free SEO audit tools for websites and show you how these tools work fairly, the main features of SEO auditing tools, What problems you may face also if you face a different problems ask us freely we will reply as soon as possible.

1. Google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular uses traffic analysis tools for websites and bloggers.  It helps you understand how your visitors come to your blog, what they are looking for and how they interact with it. All of this information allows you to implement a strategy that adapts to your audience but helps you achieve your goals.

How to use Google analytics for SEO audit

Step 1: You have to start by creating a Google Account.

Step 2: Once you’ve signed in to your Google Account, you’ll be taken to a screen like the one below.  In this window, you can connect Google Analytics with your Gmail account

Step 3: On the next screen, choose between your website or mobile application.  Confirm option “Website selected.

Step 4: Google currently offers universal access with a single account, which provides exceptional features and analytics accounts.  Feel free to use it.

Step 5: Carefully read the various information requested and fill in the blanks.  For example, you fill in the website name, website address, reporting time zone, website section, and more.  Once this is done, click “Get a Tracking ID”, then you will be able to access the Google Analytics embed code in your WordPress blog.

Main Feature of Google analytics

  1. The first and most obvious reason to use Google Analytics is that it works for free.  You no need to buy, subscribe or give any credit card information.
  2. This platform presents the metrics in different shapes.  Lists, charts, graphs, pie charts, spreadsheets, and more can help you see how your website works.
  3. Although data visualization gives you an understanding of data, reporting helps you make decisions from it.
  4. Google Analytics helps you to find what makes a good business website for your main audience and industry,.
  5. The advantage here is that you don’t always have to apply for a problem with your target audience that solves your business.
  6. It gives good traffic to your website 
  7. It can measure performance.
  8. It provides you with good website channel performance. 
  9. It can optimize your webpage.
  10. It can provide  you best technology  service 

Premium Pricing Plan

• Free version: Yes (7 days trial – registration needed – no credit card      needed) 

• Export to PDF option: No 

• Download your audits: No

2. Ubersuggest

Created by Neil Patel, an online marketing guru, Ubersuggest is one of the tools of SEO.  This makes it easier to find new ideas for content and gain useful keyword suggestions.

Ubersuggests offers some extra functionality.  For example, it shows top pages, backlink data, complete domain views and even provides tools for website audits.  Also, nothing will stop you from trying it because it is free!

How to use Neil Patel SEO tools/ubersuggest for SEO audit

Step1: Go Head over to the Ubersuggest dashboard and register for a free account.

Step2: Once  you done  step 1 then go’’I wants to click on “Add Your First Project.”

step3: add your URL and the name of your website. 

Step4: Then put your main country

Step 5: Now start  searching  your keyword 

Feature of Ubersuggest

  1. Most popular  keyword analytics site
  2. you can find here the best business analytics keyword 
  3. Good in domain score. 
  4. Good backlink score. 
  5. you can get monthly organic traffic 
  6. you can improve your market content  strategy 
  7. Ubersuggest  you can use your youtube channel and Amazon 
  8. Here you can get keyword phrase tools
  9. you can get a long list of the best keywords.
  10. you can use it for free.

Premium Pricing Plan

Free version

Yes (7 days trial – registration needed – no credit card needed)

 • Export to PDF option: No 

• Download your audits: No


For individuals who want more traffic

$12 USD/month


For companies and freelancers who want more traffic

$20 USD/month

Enterprise / Agency

$40 USD/month

3. Ahref

Ahrefs is a premium-class website analyst with advanced functionality. In short, Ahrefs is a go-to service for online marketing experts. However, Ahrefs often takes some time to get used to because they present statistics.

How to use Google Ahref for SEO audit

Step 1. Site Explorer

 The domain that you need to explore just types or paste in the search bar and press enter. Suppose your domain name is If you search with a domain name in site explorer, it will show data like the picture above;

First, you will see UR and DR along with backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, organic traffic, and traffic value.

Step 2: Backlink

Backlinks in Ahrefs are shown in 3 ways.  New, lost, and broken links.

Step 3: Referral domain

Referral domains are what you mean by a unique domain.  Suppose you get 10 backlinks from 1 website will be 10 its referral domain.

 In the referral domain again you will find links type and TLDs.

Step 4: Organic keywords

Organic keywords are the number of keywords that your website ranks in Google, but Ahrefs uses its own algorithm to show the data of how many keywords are ranked.

Step 5: Top page

From the top page, you can see the ranked page or post gula.  You can check the top page by clicking on the top page option, including the position, volume, CPC, including a word, or excluding a word.

Feature of Ahref

  1. Site Explorer
  2. complete backlinks analysis
  3. Good traffic  value 
  4. Technical SEO facilities 
  5. Content Explorer identifies topics
  6.  Ahrefs produces a clean
  7. Graphical overview
  8.  Extensive index
  9.  URL ratting  show
  10. Organic  backlinks or traffic 

Premium Pricing Plan

Lite $99/ month

Standard $179/ month

Advanced $399/ month

Agency  $999/ month

4. MOZ

It is an excellent online service that evaluates portals through various search engines and even social networks. Moz offers a variety of SEO tools.  You can try Chrome browser extensions, link checkers, and business rank free.  If you want enhanced features, you should choose Moz Pro.  This is a great all-in-one website analyst that will help you increase your optimization and maintain significant online reach.

How to use MOZ for SEO audit

Here 5 steps for using MOZ 

Step 1: Go to Moz and Create a Moz account to access Keyword Explorer and other free SEO tools.

Step 2: enter URL 

Enter a URL for discover. 

Step3: Verified Email.

They will send a notification to verify your email — help them keep the robots out.

 Step 4:Log in

After verifying your email. they will send you a mail. That can help you log in. 

                    Step 5: Start analysis

Get a comprehensive keyword analysis, suggestions, and more!

Keywords Explorer

Feature of MOZ

  • Your All-In-One Suite of SEO Tools. 
  • Complete Local SEO Management. …
  • Enterprise Rank Tracking. …
  • The Power of Moz Data via API.
  • Free to use
  • With higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.
  • Great SEO solution 
  • Good for freelance and businessman 
  • It has first speed
  • 10. High quality. 

Premium Pricing Plan


Most Popular

MEDIUM $179/mo

LARGE    $249/mo

PREMIUM $599/mo

The main pillars of Programming and its Basics

5. Woorank

Woorank is an amazing SEO tool for website audit or analysis. Woorank will give you on-page SEO and off-page SEO details analysis.  At the same time, it will remove bank links, broken links, and defective web pages and give necessary suggestions to improve them.  There are both free and paid versions of Woorank.  You can use whatever you like.

How to use Woorank for SEO audit

Here is some step I will describe  how to use Woorank

Step1: click Woorank icon in your browser. 

Step2: we haven’t seen this domain before, just click the “Free review” button that pops up.

Step3: Verified your email …. If you want to use woorank rank. You need to verify your email.

Step4: Project review. You need to create here a project. 

Step5: explore keywords. The last step is to explore keywords.. So you need to put here your country option. 

Main Feature of woorank

  1. Link building 
  2. Amazing keyword  research 
  3. SERP Rank Tracking
  4. Errors alart
  5. Seo monitoring 
  6. Seo change  position track 
  7. Technical  Seo
  8. Localization
  9. Content Insights
  10. Data Visualization

Which SEO audit tool is the best?

In my personal opinion, I think the Ubersuggest Seo audit tool is best. Because Ubersuggest is Neil Patel’s free more user-friendly than any above of these tools, from this extension you may get also a premium SEO ranking tool that can give you a ton of useful SEO and organic traffic data.

Ubersuggest will check your website against the general ranking wheres ranking factors/errors SEO optimization, traffic checking, analytics suggestions, and other errors factor solutions get include Ubersuggestions.Per day 45 to 47 traffic checking options whereas other tools give you only 5 to 10 times traffic checking. I think these SEO audit tools guidelines show you accurate SEO auditing and review the best auditing SEO tools. If you have any confusion about SEO audit tools. You can find a solution through this article. 

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