Not all hair colors suit all skin tones. People spend a long time assessing their skin tone and matching it to the right hair color. We recognize that certain shades can work best in certain skin tones, depending on your particular undertones. To make sure you don’t end up with the wrong hair color and waste money, you need to know which hair color suits darker skin tones before ordering a human hair wig.

To better illustrate, we’ve compiled a list of human hair colors that we think look absolutely stunning on darker skin tones, whether they’re warm or cool. See which category you fall into, and where you feel you have your name written all over it for the upcoming season.

Black Wigs

Black is the hair color for most people and the best hair color for darker skin. Black wigs are also the top seller of all wigs. No matter what the occasion, a head of black and shiny hair is always right. Moreover, black is a versatile color, and when it comes to matching clothing colors, there are also infinite choices.

If you think black hair is too dull, consider black wigs with highlights. Highlights can break the monotony of black, add a sense of fashion, and show more youthful vitality.

Blonde Wigs

You may dream of being a platinum blonde, but your dark skin may not make it look as exciting as you’d like it to be. The most flattering blonde hair colors are honey blonde and 613 blonde. Blonde human hair wigs are so versatile that you can play with it and dye to any hair color you like – ombre, lowlights, etc.

Burgundy Wigs

Burgundy hair have different shades and the most popular burgundy wigs are 99j human hair wigs. 99j hair color is elegant, not boring and not too vibrant. Whatever you have lighter or deeper shades of skin tones, a 99j wig never go wrong among all burgundy wigs.

Pink Wigs

Pink is the dream color of many women. Pink hair shows a youthful personality. It is said that women must dye their hair pink once in their life. If it’s a wig, it’s a lot easier. Pink wigs are a favorite color for many dark skin women. They can easily drive all kinds of pink, such as pastel pink, hot pink and so on.

Blue Wigs

The blue hair is fashionable and avant-garde, but also reflects the quiet and rational temperament. Whether it is royal blue or pastel blue, dark skin tones are very flattering. So, blue human hair wigs are very popular with young dark skinned women.

For darker skin tones, these include strong, rich shades that can both contrast gorgeously with darker skin tones and enhance the overall look by providing a lot of shine and dimension to things. Just as those with super pale complexions tend to look washed out by an unflattering blonde hue, so too do black and dark brown shades; the best hair color for darker skin tones must match your undertones in order to look unflattering.

There is no end to the list of beautiful hair colors for darker skin tones. Women of color can wear bold, bright shades without hesitation. From warm golden browns to icy blues, nothing is off limits. The hair is the one thing you can play with, so why not experiment with a variety of colors? Show off your flawless skin to its best advantage. Complement your hair with a new shade.