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Complete informations about bypass iphone disadvantage

When we talk about bypassing iphone disadvantages, there are several aspects that come to mind. The first one is the convenience of having a direct connection between two devices. And the second aspect is the hassle of having to go through various steps just to transfer files between your phone and laptop.

The iPhone is an incredibly popular phone with lots of features. Many people prefer to own this phone over other brands and even other phones from the same brand. However, one bypass iPhone disadvantage that many iPhone users overlook is the case or cover they choose for their phone.That’s why today I will give you a complete data about bypass iphone particularly bypass iphone problems.

Bypass iphone disadvantages

The iPhone is selling like hot cake and Icing was in a catch-up mode where it put innovative features such as apps, themes etc to create this hottest phone.

Many funny people said that unlike other phones of the same company which use a specific casing for all the models of those models then Apple changed its cover and making users buy case by case instead of buying one universal iphone backup app for itself or when you are using your protective shield, you need to buy a new one.

Main Disadvantage of bypass iPhone

People think that we buy iPhone covers or cases and protect the phone with strong material. But actually every time after you’re going outside because of its high quality it gets scratched as these cases which are made from many materials but when needed to use your Internet, camera etc protection iphone backup is ignored.

Bypassing iPhone disadvantages are:

1. Lesser Protection

Generally, you get cover your phone with a case that can protect the outer sides and corners of the apple iphone quickly but it doesn’t provide an additional layer or protection for any part left exposed which is still not protected at all i.e so after putting in your pocket, another person can scratch iPhone easily.

2. Less Loyalty to iPhone Brand

The advertising slogan used by Apple claims transparency from accessories such as including several accessories to achieve the same or a similar quality without any compromise.

That means that if your phone is scratched, damaged not only by these cases but even for many times you will have problems about it and when you’ll get new iphones very cheaply then what exactly do they mean?

3. Lesser Warranty

Manufacturers of this type iphone backup app provide a warranty only if you’re purchasing the original apple products via their are providing an extended warrantee. In other words, by using these bypass iPhone covers & cases is not making it compatible with any one neither give compatibility then you can claim for some serious issues like scratching and damage or even less guarantee period to manufacture in such case customers have no options but either stick himself with the luxurious looking covers&cases and have a degraded quality.

4. Cheaper Accessories

Reputed brands are offering the top quality of iPhone backup accessories such as iphone cases, otterbox defender and other best high-end cover at a reasonable price which is less than half on custom made donuts. Rubbish mobile covers will be sold with low cost in all fashionable jacket/ cover combo while they provide no warranty or any social good to their customers.

5. Less Quality in iPhone

Even the manufacturers themselves are not giving any red label quality to customers according to the experimental research of Techinsider . According to them Apple device has always been recognized as one of best smartphone in terms of hardware and design.  Apple is known for taking extra care while developing some of products so they have suggested almost everything which executives get inspired by it’s interior ,form & design id much more potential users than many other companies .

I wish this article mentioned disadvantages was useful in anyway and from now on if you want to purchase the best iOS 7 covers & cases then follow us and share comments with your valuable suggestions which really help our customers more.

How to bypass iOS activation lock screen?

To avoid activation lock screen on iPhone you can use activation bypass. But be careful, this is not a permanent solution and Apple will definitely detect it. So this bypass will only work in short period of time.

1. Put your phone into recovery mode

But before anything you have to take full backup of your iPhone.

By pressing and holding at the same time on power/ home button for 5-10 seconds until letting go of both buttons. Turn off and reboot it by pressing power button, then connect with computer via USB data cable again or turn on using iTunes file sharing .

2. Connect your phone will Apple’s latest version (not older one) (older device won’t receive any message from iTunes),

3. Then when You see “Connect to iTunes” after a while you will have this window:

If you click on the arrow next the option titled options, And then click on “Restore iPhone”. Something will happen and your current firmware version (which is going to upgrade in custom iOS) and Apple ID information get wiped off instead of proceeding through the upgrading process. Now press Alt+rest button at same time until it gives you prompt, which is at the same time dot button combo.

This way you bypass Apple ID activation lock screen and tracks your movements via location feature in iPhone .

Bypassing the iCloud activation lock using DNS trick

Apple iCloud activation lock is one of the most popular security features in iOS. You can use activation lock to restrict unauthorized access to your iPhone or iPad. However, you can bypass this feature by using a DNS trick for iOS 9 and above devices. This trick works on all current Apple devices including iPhone 6s/6s Plus, 5S/5C, 5/4S and iPads with any version running on iOS 9 or higher such as iPad Air 2 & Pro etc..

Unlocking the disabled iPhone and iPad

If you are a disabled person, unlock your iPhone and iPad. You can unlock your Apple devices with the help of special software that helps in unlocking iPhone and iPad. The system works on the principle of individualized encryption which is applied to each device individually. Thus, using any other data over your device is impeded. This means that you are able to use the hardware at will when it comes up with a message like “iPhone Standby”.

How to Bypass iPhone Password without password

Bypass password on iPhone is one of the best ways to bypass password and make it completely useless. When you want to unlock your phone, there are two options that can be used: Bypass iCloud lock or Bypass iPhone password. If you don’t know how to do this then just follow these steps below;

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and find the Lock Screen option on it which would be located at top of the screen under General section.
  • From here tap Enable passcode button to enable or disable password bypass feature; see below image (passcodes set manually):
  • Go back to previous steps until you reach the very top and find the disable passcode button which would be located at top of the screen under General section.
  • Tap onto it to enable or disable password bypass feature.
  • Choose a PIN that is used every time you need to enter your device when setting up new iPhone, iPad or Mac syncing;
  • Your iPhone password has now been bypassed and you are good to enjoy your favorite movies, videos, games etc as well as watch out that none update or syncs over it in future!

The best way to download iPhone data without iTune

There are some disadvantages to download iPhone data. The best way to download iPhone data without iTune is by connecting your device with iTunes. Once you have connected the phone, click on “Check for Update” in iTunes and follow the instructions that will be displayed on your screen . If there is an update, it will likely ask you if this iPhone can be erased and you’ll then have to agree to the updates before your data gets synced.

How to Bypass iPhone the SIM Lock on without iTunes

If you have a locked sim on your iPhone, here is how to bypass the sim lock and make use of the phone without any restrictions. SIM Lock occurs when an operator uses tools like code verification or some other form of password to prevent a mobile device from being used with another network. It’s very common for people who travel overseas or purchase unlocked phones at stores such as eBay to run into problems because their phones are locked in this way.

Step 1

The first step is to deactivate the restricted SIM in iTunes. You will need a computer that uses Windows OS, and if you don’t already have it installed, download iTunes (it comes on every Mac). For this walk-through we use an Apple device but this same process applies for any phone or tablet of your choosing once side tracked by even a day trip overseas. Downloading from other sites requires knowing exactly the name, phone model and SIM version. The following are some screen shots of what iTunes looks like when a deactivated sim is selected for download:

Step 2

After your Computer has successfully installed the patch you will be required to connect your iPhone with itunes. Open up iTunes on computer where I assume that you have downloaded iTunes in the first step; You may get prompted by downloading new software but if not proceed to next step.

Step 3

Upon connecting your handset, you will be prompted by a message stating “This iPhone is disabled or locked with this operator” and other information on their screen which clearly indicates the restricted SIM status in iTunes once selected from opened window below: Press OK to proceed. A progress bar will indicate what stage of downloading via iTunes App Store patch that currently happens as shown below- RIGHT CLICK on Picture for better clarity » Once the downloading process is complete, your phone will reboot automatically. Check again if completed successfully and now you can safely disconnect iPhone from PC or better yet install a new SIM card to change re-activated SIMS by an overseas operation.

Bonus Step 1: If your EMUI version launched after May 2016 please use this link as well using SKIP Ahead Option on Step 2 before proceeding further with next step which pertains only for older phones without SKIP Option.

Bonus Step 2: If this is your first time using iTunes and you have an earlier version of EMUI, then DO NOT SKIP ahead to Step 3 unless you see the following screen that contains green button “OK” on far right corner as shown below-simply click OK to proceed successfully with iPhone/iPad download via iTunes App Store for device activation.

Cons of bypass iPhone or iCloud activation lock

iCloud bypass is a cons-

The cons of iCloud bypass are: It may not work for all devices, you can try them and install the ones that are working

  • 1)You will be responsible for any damage that may occur to the device if it gets infected with malware while being activated through iCloud without your permission.
  • 2). Your data can get stolen from other devices and apps that are using the same Apple ID, which could lead to identity theft and financial fraud
  • 3). If you forget the password then you won’t be able to access any of these accounts again
  • 4). It’s not recommended for people who use their devices regularly
  • 5). You need to find out what exactly this app does before installing it
  • 6). You don’t need to use this bypass method on iOS version X.
  • 7) It’s easy to forget password if is uploaded by iCloud activation using system image or backup linked with it
  • 8), Some users might have difficulty accessing/using their device after unlocking because there were unexpected problems which required some troubleshooting
  • 9)It can be dangerous as your device may become unusable after unlocking because of several reasons
  • 10). Scammers can abuse your unlocked device ability to steal/steal it.


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