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How to send a text message from Android phone? How to take screenshot on Android phone? How to change a contact name on your Android phone? These are the most commonly asked questions, which we have been answering for over 8 years now.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips and tricks that you can use to customize your android phone as per your requirements.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various things that can be done with an android phone. Some of these tricks will surely surprise you.

Android Tricks

1. You can make the Android phone in a landscape type interface by changing resolution and rotation.

This is one of those amazing things that you probably didn’t know your android phone would be able to do even though most of us use phones as an aid for surfing the internet and checking our emails, we never bother about interior settings. Did you ever think that with one simple setting all these surprises open up, enabling some cool stuff? One of this best ways to unlock the hidden powers of your android phone is by changing its resolution and rotation.

2.You can change the size of your Android Home Screen.

Any android phone user would understand that each and every device has a unique home screen with apps installed on it, this includes icons size which is fairly common for all devices alike. But did you know there is another way to customize the homescreen?

With just one simple setting in Settings app – “Change All Taskbar Icons Size”. Customizing taskbar allows users to enlarge or shrink individual icons. Even though it’s a really simple setting and you can easily change the size of any icon, but why would we not want to do this?

So here is what some people don’t know about customizing taskbar: The way that you customize your Android phone for individual apps means once an app shows up on homescreen as usual small thumbnail, or a bigger one with bell &whistle sign, android will automatically restore its size to default size on boot.

So with this trick you can add an icon for your favorite application to shortcut bar for long time and make them always large, or small as of your choice.

3. Fingerprint sensor lock

The fingerprint sensor locks your device by recognizing fingerprints on the home button and prevents others from using it without entering a password first.


This feature allows certain USB accessories to be connected to your phone.

5. MP3 Player/Speaker

This device plays the music you want through an equalizer and laser-lighted speaker (if available), so that there is no need for earphones or headphones if it’s private conversations in a loud environment, or while you’re on the road.

6. Music Player

This feature allows you to play songs, video and other media files stored on a phone’s storage through headphones or speakers when connected to an audio output device (iPod, MP3 player).

7. Application Launcher/Home Screen/Multimedia Keyboard Shortcut Maker Tweak methods that enable users to customize their Android home screen applications launcher icons and shortcuts for various content apps like Gmail, calendar …

8. Recent Apps

This feature shows you a preview of the items that were open when your phone was locked and allow users to quickly switch between them with a quick double-tap on an empty part of the screen or change their transition animation for opening apps level storage notification access  and remove all unwanted item from it .

9. Screen Recolor

This feature lets users change the background of their screen from any color to another and contains sections for customizing your screen themes, converting icons and changing full or partial screens wallpaper   along with transparent elements can also be selected .  and has a settings panel that gives you control over transparency , style formats , shading options  etc …

10. Advanced Reboot option

The reboot button under Settings > Power will bring up a reboot options menu that allows users to do several things such as restarting the phone in Safe Mode , hard reset it and power off and turn back on   by pressing volumes up  and down simultaneously .

About custom ROMS:

Custom Roms are  the official software for unbranded phones that can be freely distributed through your favorites social networking sites and forums , maintainers of these builds often decided to create a full version application with necessary system files on top of existing developed by OEMs like Htc, samsung/sketches …and give it their own touch.

For example we refer here to X10N-3.1-by -Ditto  and for those who like to peruse the source code take a look at Dito’s on Google Code.

Some of these projects use  stock partial bootloaders , and others are based upon Super user-binaries which have their own customizations that add additional system apps, tools or even roots other applications.

Which is better: an unlocked or carrier-locked smartphone?

Carrier-locked smartphones are better than unlocked ones because they have a network that is already in place.

An unlocked smartphone can be bought with no contract, but you will need to find your own carrier and activate it yourself, which is not easy.

The main advantage of an unlocked phone is that you can change carriers if the current one doesn’t suit your needs.

What are some of the advantages of buying used phones instead of new ones?

One of the advantages of buying used phones is that you can get a quality product at a discounted price.

If you are in the market for a new phone, consider buying used one from sites like Gazelle or EBay. You can save money and still be able to enjoy your device for years to come. What is the best unlocked cell phone?

The best unlocked cell phones are those that have great general function value, an in-depth tax plan worth taking and actual cost savings too.

What are the best android phone tricks?

There are a lot of Android phone tricks that can help you get the most out of your device.

Some important tips and tricks include:

1. Setting up multiple user accounts on your phone

2. Using apps like Tasker to automate tasks

3. Using an Android TV box like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV to stream content from the internet

4. Installing apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter on the TV so you can stay connected while watching tv

Is it possible to root an android phone and install a custom ROM (ROM)?

To answer this question, we need to understand the basics of rooting and installing a custom ROM.

Rooting is when you have access to the system files on your phone so that you can modify them and make changes to your device. This can be done through either a software program or by using specific hardware like an OTG cable.

The term “custom ROM” refers to the fact that you are not running the stock operating system of your device but rather something else, usually based on another OS like Android Open Source Project (AOSP) or CyanogenMod. These custom ROMs often offer features not found in the original firmware, such as newer versions of Android and more customization options for users who wish to tinker with their devices.

How can I make my android phone run more efficiently?

There are a few things that you can do to make your phone run more efficiently.

1. Download apps from the Google Play Store like Clean Master and Antivirus that will help keep your phone clean and running smoothly.

2. Install apps that help you save battery life, like Greenify or Juice Defender which lets you put applications on sleep mode when they’re not in use.

3. Change your settings so that apps aren’t constantly updating in the background and draining your battery by changing how often updates happen, turning off Wi-Fi when it’s not needed, and setting up Do Not Disturb mode to prevent interruptions during certain hours of the day.

Hidden tricks of Android Phone

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